Change Locks (Rekey)

Changing your locks is also called rekey or re-key. Usually people need lock changes for a number of reasons: moving into a new or old home, when room-mates or tenants move out, during times of domestic change or distress, when someone has passed away to secure heir estate, when a key has been lost and someone could get unsecured access, when your business changes employees, and also when our old key is worn out and no longer works smoothly with your lock.

Let us know these details when ordering:

0) How soon you need it done, and what times day/evening/weekend are best
1) The exact address
2) The type of lock you have: Is there a WR or SC or KW code on your key? Weiser/Schlage/Kwikset
3) How many key holes that need to be changed
4) How many copies of keys you want (get your spare keys now since they are the original key.
5) Are there any locks at are missing the old key?

In Calgary, we are great at rekeys because we do it so often. Old locks and new locks are not problem. We also help fix at the same time locks that are "stuck". We like to see locks that work smoothly and will last a long time, and also be secure for you.

Frequently asked questions:

Question 1: Do you change the whole lock?

Most locks can be rekeyed, which means we remove the lock, dismantle it, remove the cylinder from its chamber, and then change the array of pins inside the lock to make it precisely match a new set of keys. We use both digital tools and old world techniques to make sure the new setup is as smooth as possible to ensure the precise operation and longevity of your lock.

Question 2: Should I save some money now by getting fewer keys and then copy more at the store after?

No, you should get your spare keys from us. Yes, our copies might be a dollar more than the store copies, but these are the original factory cut keys are all identical and can be tested against a lock. Store copies that are made later on will always be slightly different than the originals. That slight difference often causes a clicking in the lock or tightness leading either failure of the lock due to friction, or commonly the key not being able to open lock.

Question 3: Do I need new locks? They look old and I don't trust them.

We recommend for most installations that we try to keep the old locks in place but have them tuned up. This saves you money and old locks fit your door the best. Older locks also usually have better metals and are "heftier". We try to find replacement parts to replace any broken parts in your old lock. Yes, this is not the answer you would normally think because new locks do cost more.
But if you do choose, yes, we do and gladly supply and install new locks. Our new locks will look nicer, and as Scott Mcgillivray of HGTV mentioned in his talk at the local home show this year, new lock hardware is one of the top 10 things to do increase actually bottom line value of a home.

At your service,

David Locksmith since 1982