New Keypad Locks

Want a fancy new keypad/electronic/keyless/wizbang lock?

We supply and install Schlage, Weiser, Emtek, and August brand.
These things will really save you time and energy while you're fumbling in the dark with your fully loaded reusable grocery bags in both hands.
Plus your neighbors have one and it's good to keep up with your neighbors (in terms of locks that is).

Keypad locks are great for convenience but by all means please keep the backup key with you or outside the house somewhere safe as a backup in case for whatever reason the electronics goes funky or you forget your code. Please see a few models below. We're not too picky about which model you choose, we have worked with them all.

Most of these locks come in different colors to match your other locks or handles/exterior trim/grass color: Brass, Satin Chrome, Satin Silver, Black, Dark Grey Gun Metal, Venetian Bronze

When choosing a keypad deadbolt it's best to have the bottom handle not lockable. Some handles have locks on them, which is okay too if you want to lock it as well, just that the keypad won't let people in.

More details and frequently asked questions at the end of this page.

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This has been around for 10 or so years, well tested, we like this certain model that is good on batteries because it's semi-automatic and the bolt you manually lock with your hand after a magnetic catch is activated with the correct code entered.
Sometimes they are tricky to install because the main hole where your deadbolt sits needs to be a certain size.

The PBONE (Weiser PowerBolt One)

This economical is the one we have on our house, if you believe it or not, ha. Because there's no keys to it, it's actually Pick-Proof! (not just virtually or theoretically or esoterically). This one's best to have on a secondary door, just in case you still need a key backup for when you get amnesia and don't have the code to work. If the batteries die out the bottom part of the keypad has a rubber cover that when you take off the cover, it will expose two 9V battery leads, so just head over to the dollar store or your friendly neighbor, if you have one, to lend a 9V battery to save you from grief. It is fully motorized so we must make sure the bolt goes in and out of the strike hole smoothly for ideal operation.
technote: This model is best suited for larger center bore holes. This model we have also hacked/customized in our lab to become a high security lock that very hard to get through.

The CODE10 / PB2 / CODE5


PB2 (Powerbolt2)
CODE5 (Smartcode 5)

These Weiser/Kwikset models are like the PBONE but adds a key backup. These are good safe choice popular choices.
Insider tips:
     CODE10 has more numbers to the keypad.
     CODE5 desn't need to press the extra lock button at the end of the of code (best usability)

The CONNECT (Schalge Connect)

A fully motorized Schalge with key hole backup a good choice with Schlage brand.
Also has some connectivity options to connect via the internet but you will have to buy additional computer hubs to control the zigbee/zwave via Alexa and Google Home)

The above install we did on an interior medical office door to protect sensitive records in Calgary, Feb 2020 with the auto locking function activated every 30 seconds.

The BLING (Emtek Classic)

When you have made your Millions and want to enjoy it, this is the best lock money can buy. High end quality. Bling.

Photos of an install we did in January 2020 near Inglewood in Calgary.

The ENCODE (Schlage Encode Wifi)

Get this if you want to have wireless connectivity via Wifi in a Schlage brand with the top of the line features.

Photos of the install we did for a customer near Chaparral, Calgary, January 2020.
The prior lock was also a Schlage but our astute customer wanted the latest wifi setup.
These are useful as well when you want to control an AirBnB remotely.

The AURA (Weiser Bluetooth and App)

Get this if you want your phone to operate your Weiser brand lock via an App.

The PREMIS (Weiser Home Kit)

This one's a pass for us, looks like people are having problems with batteries and connection issues via the app.

Questions from the crowd:

Will the locks freeze up in Calgary when it's -35°Celsius with wind chill (aka last week)?

If it's on a door to your home that's heated and the batteries are new, usually it's okay. Though if the batteries are weak and/or it's on an unheated garage/shed, it is iffy, so be sure to have a key backup.

Are keypads a security risk?

The electronic keypad part of the lock isn't so much. There haven't been any published lock research we have seen that has revealed any ways to break in via the keypad electronics. And if there were such a method, it probably be better time spent messing about an ATM:)
The rest of the lock being the keyhole if it exists and the mechanical deadbolt part of the lock would be on par and have same considerations as a lock without the electronics.